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YOU BETCHA! Each recipe has a lab tested Guaranteed Analysis!


Each and every treat has the ingredients listed on the tag.

Shelf life?

Treats, if your pup doesn't eat 'em up right away, will last for approximately 10 months. They are fine in the cookie jar and freeze well if they can't be consumed within the allotted time.

Wheat Free Treats?

All of the treats are wheat, corn and soy free.

100% Grain & Gluten Free Treats?

I've got a few treats to choose from if you are in need of Grain Free! I currently have 4 flavors to choose from under the GRAIN FREE Tab in the Web Store. Also my dehydrated sweet potatoes are totally PAWSOME healthy treats that are also grain & gluten free.

Are treats crunchy or soft?

Actually the answer is ~ I have both. The Gourmutt Treats and Grain Free Treats are really crunchy. However, there are a few exceptions that are chewy, crispy and even soft ~ Sweet Puptato Shoe String Fries, Sweet Potato, Cod Sticks and Soft Baked. Look in the description for specific details.  

What is the most pupular treat?

I find that all my treats sell equally well - really I'm not just saying that!

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