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Once your order is placed, I get busy. Please keep in mind that your order takes some time, so please allow approximately 7 ~ 10 days from order, to baking, to packing, to post office, to your door. Most times I am much faster than that ~ but I need some wiggle room just in case I burn something. 


Okay we both hate shipping and the fees that comes with it! I ship via the US Post Office. I have looked at several options and this seems to work the best. 

January 22nd, 2023 the Post Office discontinued the way I have shipped for 10 years - UUGHHH!!  Shipping is now based on weight which makes it difficult to determine until your box is actually packed.  So until I figure my new shipping - what's fair for you and for me, I will continue with same fees as before the Post Office ruined it for both of us.  For now:  1-6 bags is $8.63, 7-18 bags is $9.13 and 19+ bags is $10.00.  To off-set the shipping cost I do include a surprise to make things a bit better.


Nope! No hidden fees! No handling fees! No fees just to charge fees for the fun of charging fees!

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