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Bone Appetite Barkery respects your privacy. Please know that your personal information is NOT for sale, loan, trade, rent or lease ~ that should cover everything!


Order information is not read by anyone outside Bone Appetite Barkery. Information is for shipping and billing purposes only. All information is destroyed (oohhh, I love to shred) after payment is received.


The information provided on this site is for informational purposes only. It is not intended as a substitute for advice from your pawsome Veterinarian who went to school for a really along time or other pet health care professionals.


I stand behind my treats 100%. If you or your dog are not completely satisfied, I will replace your treats free of charge or refund your money. No need to return them! I hope that you can pass the treats onto a canine friend! I don't have lots of extra dollars to put into advertising, so I depend on customers to do the advertising for me. So if you aren't happy with your purchase, chances are you're not going to tell your friends. I can't accept returns after 30 days.


California Artist and ooh so talented friend Kyle Griffin worked hard to create and design my very own one-of-a-kind totally adorable logo... so I trademarked it! The image can't be reproduced without written permission or you’ll get in big trouble by my other ooh so talented friend... Lou the Attorney.


I have to pay Uncle Sam ~ all my dog treats and gifts are considered taxable items. Allegheny County, Pennsylvania Sales Tax is currently 7%.


OH NO! What a hassle for both of us! Please count your money first ~ don't write me a bad check if you even think you are gonna bounce it. If you do, I will pass all the fees I am charged by my bank back to you. These days that's not cheap!


Other websites link to our site and I am happy to have them; however I cannot be responsible or liable for their business practice, policies and/or procedures.

All items on this website are to be considered the property of and may not be used without authorization. Although accessible outside the U.S., the content of this website is intended for access and use by USA residents only, accepting U.S. currency, shipping only within the continental USA.

Due to changes or circumstances beyond our control, product availability, promotions and all prices are subject to change without notice.  

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