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Not sure when it will end,

but it's starting to wrap up...

I've loved every minute of this long journey

which started waaay back in 2004!

A Barkery is Born

Bone Appetite Barkery started back in 2004 simply by accident with a fatal diagnosis of Juvenile Renal Disease in a 4 month old Bullmastiff puppy and a determination to beat the odds ~ and boy were the odds against me! After a frustrating search for healthy treats at an affordable price, I thought who better to make treats than myself!

After months of research, recipe trials and lots of errors, taste testing by both canine and human, consultations with my local veterinarian and countless hours passing out samples on the Montour Trail, I knew I had something special. I tested my treats on dogs who did not like treats, dogs with illnesses who really did not want to eat much, and on dogs that would eat anything. Discriminating canines were barking up a storm and owners were happy at the very thought of an affordable custom baker for their pets. From that point on, Bone Appetite Barkery was born.

Though I lost my beloved Bullmastiff on November 13th, 2010 our pets are every part of our family.  We miss him everyday!

I want the very best for my pets and I know you feel the same way about yours. Bottom line is that I wouldn't offer anything to your pets that I haven't eaten myself and fed my own pet family.

The Mission

The mission is simple... provide fresh bakin', lip smackin’, tail waggin’, dog droolin’ dog treats, using only all natural ingredients ~ no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors, no added salts or sugars, no animal fat or by~products at an affordable price. Bone Appetite caters to the allergy prone by substituting Whole Wheat flour with Spelt, Potato or Rice Flour.  Because my treats are custom baked, they are not frozen or warehouse stored.

My promise to myself and my customers is to NEVER EVER compromise quality for quantity!

With an overwhelming response from the canine community, Bone Appetite Barkery continues to grow by leaps and barks. Bone Appetite is still a very, very small business; I like it that way and want to keep it small and keep it personal ~ the way I like to be treated. 

I Play By All The 


I am both Pennsylvania and Ohio State Licensed and comply with ALL state rules and regulations ~ not just some of them!

Why Bone App​etite​?

I take pride in giving back to our community. Proceeds are regularly donated to Western Pennsylvania animal charities in need and our heroic local service & rescue dogs.  

Even in a Covid world, in 2022, Bone Appetite Barkery sponsored or participated in events  and donated over 10 pounds of treats and $2,463.00 to local animal charities in need.  

 2023 is off to howling great start! I'll again celebrate Betty White by donating to local rescues on January 17th - what would have been Betty's 101th Birthday!


 Though less than my usual ..2 pounds of treats and $1,100.00 dollars has already donated!

I Carry On

It is with unbelievable sadness that I share with you the passing of my Mom. She LOVED this small business with all her heart since it’s  official, on paper license start in 2005. We spent countless hours baking treats, bagging treats until we had enough - we never  had enough, going to the festivals, popping up tents, painting the booth at Penn’s Colony, meeting all of you and laughing A LOT!

I thank all of you who listened to her stories even when you wanted to hit the next booth, showed her pictures of your pets, patiently and I mean patiently waited for her to calculate your purchase and totally understood when she got the math wrong.

Mom was diagnosed on March 1st 2019 with Multiple Myeloma - a blood plasma cancer which attacks the white blood cells in the bone marrow. 

We had no idea of its wrath and power - we learned real fast!  With this condition, groups of plasma cells become cancerous and multiply rapidly. The cancer damages the bones, immune system, kidneys, and red blood cells. At 81 years young Mom fought it everyday with everything she had. She had more blood transfusions than I can tell you - I stopped counting at 40.

Mom lost her fight on May 13th, 2019.  I was with her as she past peacefully. The cancer lifted from both of us.

I face this business alone, broken and broken hearted; but with my chin up, a smile on my face, mom in my heart and silently by my side.  

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